Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Too Late!

And speaking of Bogan desires - Supre, stealer of ideas from the maybe-not-so-rich to sell to the poor - namely pov teenage Australian girls - at a not much lower cost, has gone apeshit for leopard print.

This kind of disturbs me, because, even though I have many many items in my wardrobe from Supre and sincerely enjoy getting cheap versions of jazzy numbers I've seen in Vogue, we all know that once Su -to the- pre has gone into overkill of a style its DEAD. Its a trap people! Don't pick it up! I know its only $10 but you're going to be that fashion plate girl with no personality, just a couple of bucks in her pocket and a 6 month old Grazia under your arm!! NOOOOOO!!
Which brings us back to the 'me being disturbed bit' - I own a lot of leopard print.
Shoes, belts, bags, tops. I own sequined leopard print for gosh sakes! I'm going to a fancy dress party with an animal theme as a leopard! Why are you doing this to me Supre? I've spent years wearing your clothes with panache telling my friends 'only $20 from Supre dollface'. And now I have to think of a different animal to go as for this party! Well frankly I can't! Everywhere I look is leopard! CANNOT UNSEE!!

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