Thursday, May 19, 2011


Click if you dare!

Yes, it's a giant reece's piece...s...? :S

Gorman vs. Romance Was Born.

MOKAY so Gorman, a brand that I love will never be as outlandish as Romance Was Born a brand that I love and hate with equal measure... but I think they were defintely using Anna Plunkett (co-designer of RWB) as a muse for their most recent seasonal output...

Above: Anna is the girl in the middle in the pic on the left - and the pic on the right is her again.
Below:  a snippet of Gorman's winter collection on sale

More evdience of Anna Plunkett themed styling here @ the Gorman website.
What is with peeps ripping off Romance Was Born?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

2 new sites that I must visit everyday...

... to keep the Doctor away - except for Doctor Cat of course!

Doctor Cat: a comic about a cat who is also a Doctor.

I really love this comic because it's adorable and it has a cat. Which is much like another fave daily comic of mine American Elf which is a day (every day) in the life of James Kochalka - American artist and rockstar - and his family including his pet cat Spandy. Kochalka draws himself as an Elf, hence the title and my judgement of it being adorable and my necessary criteria for daily viewage of 'having a cat'. 
I guess the biggest difference for me in the likability stakes between Doctor Cat (8/10) and American Elf (7/10) is that in Doctor Cat the protagonist not only is a cat but a practitioner of medicine - thus the more absurd and giggle worthy of the two which earns it that extra point.

The second newy to my list of 'things I must pour over everyday' is the eponymous Simpsons fan site Eye On Springfield. I don't know why it's taken me so long to find this site (through the favorites tabs on my brother's compy) but for those of you so obsessed with The Simpsons that the only way you can communicate is purely through Simpsons quotes THIS PAGE IS GOLDEN.
Sunriiiiiiiise, sunset. 
Sunriiiiiiiise, sunset.
Yes, we have no bananas.

Quite possibly my favorite quote of all time. Enjoy Chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmps! xx


Julia's Likeability Scale:
1. Blergh. Pop Culture equivalent: Home and Away.
2.Oh gosh I don't think I can hold in the Blergh much longer. 
Pop Culture equivalent: The Logies.
3. Gah! Really?! Pop Culture equivalent: The Courier Mail.
4. Gah! Pop Culture equivalent: George Micheal's Careless Whisper
5. Oh. Pop Culture equivalent: Finding out my cousin looks exactly like Thurston Moore.
6. Oh yes! Pop Culture equivalent: The Weekend Australian Newspaper.
7. A-nice-a. Pop Culture equivalent: Teen Girl Squad.
8. Ruv yewwww. Pop Culture equivalent: Smashing Pumpkins' 1979.
9. Please believe! Pop Culture equivalent: Arrested Development.
10. Marry me. Pop Culture equivalent: Season 6-8 of The Simpsons.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kurse you Kikki K!

So I've recently been accepted back to uni - I'm excited and terrified at the prospect of being a 'mature student'.
Blegh those words make me feel like hurling.
Anywho, yesterday a little surprise in my inbox made me feel a little better at the idea of being mature and back at spewniversity:

Beautiful leather handbag/briefcase/laptop bag combo!
Only someone wth grown up tastes could pull off this bag at uni no?
'Why do you like it then Julia?' you're asking?
'Beause it's lush tan leather and Scandinavian design' I will say - 
'my almost 2 favorite things... and hey shut up! I have grown up kudos!'

all of these chic and studious lovlies are available at 
Kikki K (cute swedish stationary shop) as part of their new Stockholm Collection, make sure you view the look book too for ace styling ideas - especially when riding your fixy to class! ;)
The only problem with getting my weekly Kikki K email yesterday is that by the time I read it, it was already Saturday night and my funds are a little on the low side now! Kurses!!

Last Day!

10 - 4 today is the last chance to get moderately price bejewelled denim!!
That's just Romance Was Born though, Frederich Gray has some nice neutral knit separates... and I will probably get both to suit my split wardrobe personality, which I like to call C.C. Babcock v.s. Grandma Yetta. Class. If you can't read the above poster in the pic - it's at 67 James St. Fortitude Valley.

Monday, May 9, 2011

New winter obsession

I have a strange new shopping haunt now that it's a little chillier, and that place is - Crisp on Creek.
*Note to readers it took me 5 attempts to spell Crisp not Crips.
Crips on Creek would be slightly more exciting to blog about, and I'm sure they do exist but unfortunately for you, pastry always wins over gangster for me. Can you imagine the rock paper scissor symbol for that?
I imagine pastry for some reason to look like 'Stone head' guy from Alex the Kidd in Miracle World:

For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about, it's the guy on the right. 
His head just looks like a cannoli to me. Yes, a delicious eyeball filled cannoli. Mmmm mmmm!
Anyways back to Crisp. On Creek. 
It's a tops deli on the corner of Cav and Creek Rds which stocks among other things (fresh fruit and veg, free range eggs and milk/milk products, Sugo Mi pizza bases, Maggie Beer everything, Fair trade coffee/tea and choc etc. etc.) what I like to think is the best bake it yourself bagel in Brisbane - Glicks Bagels.

Now I've stupidly decided to write about these bagels after I ate the last one this morning without taking a photo of their golden deliciousness, but I'll be off to Crisp this arvo so maybe I'll post one laters. Basically they're boiled bagels that can be frozen or just kept in the fridge which you then bake yourself at home! It only takes about 5-8 mins for crispy perfection on the outside and dreamy cloudlike carby goodness on the inside.
Yes, yes, I have an unhealthy interest in Bagels. 
Honestly though, I originally only bought this brand because the name Glick made me think of that crazy lady in the Simpsons called Mrs. Glick who thinks Lisa is a pineapple.

But then I tried a few other brands of frozen bake at home bagels, because alas, we don't make them fresh in Bristown for some reason and discovered I was onto a winner. Another frozen victory for winter from Crisp is Linda McCartney's vegetarian pies. Dear God I ddn't think I'd ever be able to find a better frozen pie than Sargent's let alone a vego one but these pies are amazing! The pastry is so flaky and melty at the same time and the tofu filling tastes like meat - not nut meat, real meat! And the maroon/purple packaging just matches so nicely to our hot purple benchtop! I don't know about you but thats a definite prerequisite for cuisine in my house - MUST MATCH 80'S DESIGNED KITCHEN.

Which is why I'm off to Crisp this afternoon actually. The pumpkin my Grandad Keith grew and gave to us has made the 'matching the bench' grade and so I'm on a mission for pumpkin meals inspiration.... maybe this?
That'll do pumpkin, that'll do.

Belated 'mums for Mum's...

I love Crysanthemummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsss...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The cuteness...

First post from the first blog I started reading this morning: Meet me at Mike's - Happy Times
Oh yeah It's gonna be a gooooooooooooooooooooood day! ZANG!!

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Melbourne shopping list

I'm going away to Melbourne for a weekend at the end of May, and whenever I go to Mr. Melbs I make a little mental list of things to look out for at the epic op shop Savers. This time I only have one thing on that list, which is a trenchcoat! And this website is purely to blame: Burberry - the art of the trench. Be warned, it's hypnotic and addictive! It's the of trench. Eep.

Windows to the soul...

Currently trying to remind myself of what I want to do... in life... aside from becoming  Anna Dello Russo of course... while waiting for QTAC and RMIT to get back to me I stumbled across this place which is def going to slot itself nicely into my morning routine of  fall out of bed-make-make-a-coffee-trawl-blogs-while-brain-wakes-up. It's basically just a visual merchandising blog. People who take photos of great window merchandising. Sounds crazy but there are a few of us out there who are slightly obsessed with good window dressing, about a third of my time in London was spent taking photos of Selfidges window.
I have a Facebook album dedicated thusly Window dressage and shops in general are a HUGE part of London that I miss and something that hasn't really been translated to Australian.
You just wait windows... I'm on my way!!
... maybe the new Zara store in Sydders will break the seal?

Other noteworthy merchandsing blogs:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Yay! I knew Grandma chic would eventually come back!

While I'm still on the wedding high - Mc Queen:

If I were getting married I think McQueen would be my 1st and only stop... this is of course my dream wedding with no budget! Ha!

 Mother of the Bride


 Bride's reception dress


Love her.
First she scores Lady D's ring (a personal fave), then she has trees lining the inside of Westminster Abbey, and then that dress! And then has a double kiss on Buck Palace's balcony. AND THEN her reception dress!!

...And then and then and then and then!!

Also loving her lil' sis Pippa, very chic bridesmaid and reception dress choices - also by Sarah Burton of Mc Queen....

More gorgeous gorgeous photos here. Who knew the British Monarchy had a Flikr account?!

As for the other big dress news that happened over the weekend - J'Aton killed it at the Logies:

Asher Keddie is a SEX BOB-OMB

Jessica Marais is absolutely stunning but skinnier than a Middleton girl :S
Both by J'Aton, droolworthy fairytale style designers from Melb.