Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mum's collection.

It's my Ma's birthday today and when I was at the New Farm Antique Centre a couple of weeks ago I picked up a couple of Wedgwood roman-esque pottery bowls for her. They were in different shops but looked so alike I decided to make them a set!

The only reason I noticed these little bowls is because for as long as I can remember my Mum has had a little, green, heart shaped Wedgwood bowl which I was obsessed with when I was a kid and was NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY WITH! God knows why I wanted to play with a tiny bit of pottery... undiagnosed Aspergers? Would explain a lot! 

Anyway when I saw the little blue bowls I had to get them as I'd never seen them anywhere else and thought it might be nice for Mum to have a little antique collection of her own  ^_^

Happy birthday Mum!

The Blues are still blue...

My lovely finds at the Vintage Fair:

1. Blue, black and white striped dress circa 1950's

 (needs a bit of mending and a dry clean!)

It reminds me of the YSL Rive Gauche Bottle...

... and SS11 Prada

2. 3/4 length embroidered skirt circa 1950's

It's made of this heavy cotton and has beautiful Scandinavian/American folk art style embroidery. Both the dress and the skirt were $50 each - I haggled! - and came from the same vendor, Fossil Vintage.
Apparently they are wholesale vintage sales peeps from Melbourne and never quite know what to bring to Brisbane for the Vintage fair as its so humid here and most vintage is heavy/polyester/lined-wool and therefore pretty unwearable for us. Too true! 

3. 1960's Arabia 5 piece tea/coffee set:

These pieces are now collectors items as the Finnish tableware design house Arabia is no longer making ceramics/china with this design, which was their signature print from the 60's.

I paid $140 for the set, which is a lot for homewares when I don't have a home but I was thinking investment!
That price was quite low for their value, which as a once in a lifetime find (of newly out of production Scandinavian china) in Brisbane, means that one day my future children will be able to hock this set to pay for my gold and jewel encrusted pyramid tomb which I plan to have built in the middle of Paris. Investment!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Party Time Excellent!!

Nearly chocked on my crumpets when I read about this in Frankie this morn --

Garth Algar T-shirt

New Micha!

Original Micha was werng this horrible nude jumpsuit with tan shoes, a red necklace and a black bag. Ew. She looks rather bloated.

On New Micha I gave her a (very badly photoshopped) red belt, and some dark paneling around the pocket pleat area and down each side of her trousers. They're just narrow military/busboy style stripes but they break up the bulkiness of the jumpsuit's pelvic/hip region and make the viewer's eyes follow the length of Micha's legs instead of just focusing on bloated belly town.

It's still not the choicest outfit but I would wear the second version everyday of the week over the first! We're getting there Mi-mi!

^^ Zomp

Too Late!

And speaking of Bogan desires - Supre, stealer of ideas from the maybe-not-so-rich to sell to the poor - namely pov teenage Australian girls - at a not much lower cost, has gone apeshit for leopard print.

This kind of disturbs me, because, even though I have many many items in my wardrobe from Supre and sincerely enjoy getting cheap versions of jazzy numbers I've seen in Vogue, we all know that once Su -to the- pre has gone into overkill of a style its DEAD. Its a trap people! Don't pick it up! I know its only $10 but you're going to be that fashion plate girl with no personality, just a couple of bucks in her pocket and a 6 month old Grazia under your arm!! NOOOOOO!!
Which brings us back to the 'me being disturbed bit' - I own a lot of leopard print.
Shoes, belts, bags, tops. I own sequined leopard print for gosh sakes! I'm going to a fancy dress party with an animal theme as a leopard! Why are you doing this to me Supre? I've spent years wearing your clothes with panache telling my friends 'only $20 from Supre dollface'. And now I have to think of a different animal to go as for this party! Well frankly I can't! Everywhere I look is leopard! CANNOT UNSEE!!


Dis my pie. I maked it with 2 kinds of cheese - Ricotta and Feta, 2 kinds of onion - Brown and Spring and 2 kinds of top of the food pyramid deliciousness - Olive oil and Puff pastry. And some spinach. Basically its a simplified Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie).
I made this pie because I could, and because I was waiting to hear the results from a blood test checking for coeliac disease (no wheat/gluten) and lactose intolerance (no dairy), meaning that if it came back positive I would never be allowed to eat a pie like this again. It might have been my last pie evah. E-V-A-H.
Daunting stuff! 
Thankfully the results were negative (I don't have those intolerances) but this pie, although purdy darn good eatin', still gave me a bit of an upset stomach - mokay yes that was only after my 3rd piece, however, according to my GP I have IBS. I kind of already knew this so I was a bit peeved about having to have a blood test, but at the same time it was nice to know that I don't have anything too serious. I just have to stay away from garlic bread, hot chips and attempting to drink 500mL plus Icebreaks. 
In short, all my bogan desires. Well, not all of them, my body hasn't rejected Le Snaks just yet! Aw yeah.


Later that same week I was waiting for a blood test I was way too early for, (all good peeps! No diabetes, no coeliac, no lactose intolerance! Basically I'm just a wuss... more on that later) so instead of loitering in the clinic waiting room with jars of other people's pee and general bad vibes, I walked to the coffee shop dangerously/conveniently located two doors up from the pathologist.
-- Incidentally, coffee on an empty stomach including no water, after being awake for over 2hrs makes for bad blood tests and cranky nurses - who knew?

The said two doors in between the pathologist and the coffee shop even more dangerously/conveniently belonged to a Lifeline store. Being a sucker for Nana-wear and Nana-ware alike I found myself wandering around the Old Cleveland Rd. Lifeline with a small skinny flat white and armfuls of crochet before you could say "My God where are your VEINS? Have you had any water today?! What do you mean JUST a COFFEE?!! YOUR BLOOD IS LIKE TAR!!"

Two vials of my blood, 3 punctures and two reddened and tingly overslapped arms later I felt I deserved the $15 worth of goodies I'd bought before my blood test. Maybe it was Karma getting me back for my mini indulgence, but I prefer to think of it as genius foresight.

Each of these items was five dorra! Actually I lie, the red crochet bag was $2.50 but I bought a 2nd one that has a slightly different pattern on it for a friend. And those little silver horseshoey things? Those are end of your collar clip things that cowboys wear!! FOR REALS!! The black bag is quite spesh too as not only is it real leather (sorry to all my vegan/vego friends but I really love leather) but I only just noticed a couple of days ago after wearing it non-stop for a week that it's also a real Coach... 

 Mokay so I don't know if it's real but if its not its a brilliant copy, and frankly I am a lady who can appreciate quality fakes! Yahurrr! Grrrl puh-leee.

Label love aside what I really really like about this bag is that it matches my wallet - a super cute gift from my cousin's gf... so simple and sleek. Black leather with gold detail is a lot harder to find than you think as well!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Haven't posted anything properly in like a week and a bit so I have A LOT to show you today!
Let's start with the most important - shopping! Yeaaaaaah!! *sorry if I spat on you a bit when I said shopping... I get drooly when I think about it*
These are my latest vintage purchases. And by 'vintage' I usually mean 'op shop' but on this recent shopping expedition I actually had some minor success at a vintage shop I hadn't been to but have heard buckets of good things about, which is the New Farm Antique Centre: http://www.fourthousand.com.au/shop/new-farm-antiques-centre/

Now I had originally intended to go to this centre PURELY to look for birthday presents for a fellow vintage fiend and presents I did find... for both the fiend and myself :P
BTW I am saying the word 'fiend' not mistyping 'friend'. Takes one to know one mokay! That goes for obsessive editors/spellers amongst us who would be writhing in agony if I hadn't made the fiend/friend distinction clear.

Ahem back to the topic - so after finding a cute 70's era original white glomesh Oroton purse
and large 60's pearl lucite stud earrings (lordknowswhy but did not take a photo sorry) for m'lady friend, I found a very sweet white wool knit tunic dress (made in Scotland!) and leather and fabric belt (made in Australia! Nothing is made in Australia anymore!) for yours truely:

These pix make them look a lil' frumpy but they're much better on!

The best thing about these finds is that they were at separate ends of the centre and it wasn't until I got home and showed my bro, Style Guru that I thought I might wear them together. Actually it was Style Guru's idea.
Sanks bruv!! XX

Post Script

A few other homeware/furniture pearls that I can't wait to get my hands on in the future also found at the New Farm Antiques Centre...
 1960's 4 piece party nibbles set

pre WW2 12 piece Japanese tea set

40's/50's style wooden deck chair

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dis how I feel right noe.
Gonna make some noodles and sleep... will post someting more productive soon haha.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fixing Micha.

I'm about to type a horrible yet true thing, Micha Barton cannot dress herself. Mokay let me specify that a little better. Micha cannot dress herself well. Some times she flukes it...

But more often than not we see her like this:

The second pic is of an unfixable outfit. I'm afraid there is pretty much nothing I can do here to help her with this except slapping that thing of her head, putting her in some heels and training her to smile.
We all saw how hard the producers of the O.C. tried to do this and failed! I'm not touching that area of development with a 10 ft pole!!
But I feel like with my crappy photoshop skillz, large amounts of time waiting for QTAC first round offers, and keen eye for proportion and shape I can do something for Micha. I can airbrush her outfits better. 
And maybe some of her alcohol and amphetamine bloating. Maybe.
And so begins my new project - Fixing Micha...

Oh Micha. I see what you did there.

Red Lederhosen is something VERY hard to resist when you see it at your local Op shop. I myself have many many strange/wiggidy whack/regular type whack items of clothing from Op shops the world over. Most of which I've bought simply because I couldn't stand someone else having them. But I don't try to work them into my day to day wardrobe. Why? Usually because they're not the right cut for my body.

Mokay so I told you the photoshopping was bad, I promise I'll try to work on that, but look how much better she looks!! Because Micha is tall and has a little waist she can totes work the 3/4 skirt look. Doesn't this make her look 2ft taller and 5kg lighter?! All I did was draw her skirt out from the end of her shorts to where her calve starts to taper.
3/4 skirts ladies! Work it!