Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Dis my pie. I maked it with 2 kinds of cheese - Ricotta and Feta, 2 kinds of onion - Brown and Spring and 2 kinds of top of the food pyramid deliciousness - Olive oil and Puff pastry. And some spinach. Basically its a simplified Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie).
I made this pie because I could, and because I was waiting to hear the results from a blood test checking for coeliac disease (no wheat/gluten) and lactose intolerance (no dairy), meaning that if it came back positive I would never be allowed to eat a pie like this again. It might have been my last pie evah. E-V-A-H.
Daunting stuff! 
Thankfully the results were negative (I don't have those intolerances) but this pie, although purdy darn good eatin', still gave me a bit of an upset stomach - mokay yes that was only after my 3rd piece, however, according to my GP I have IBS. I kind of already knew this so I was a bit peeved about having to have a blood test, but at the same time it was nice to know that I don't have anything too serious. I just have to stay away from garlic bread, hot chips and attempting to drink 500mL plus Icebreaks. 
In short, all my bogan desires. Well, not all of them, my body hasn't rejected Le Snaks just yet! Aw yeah.

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  1. LE SNACK! omg completely forgot about these little boxes of processed school-yard snackage. *heart* the blog btw. x