Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Later that same week I was waiting for a blood test I was way too early for, (all good peeps! No diabetes, no coeliac, no lactose intolerance! Basically I'm just a wuss... more on that later) so instead of loitering in the clinic waiting room with jars of other people's pee and general bad vibes, I walked to the coffee shop dangerously/conveniently located two doors up from the pathologist.
-- Incidentally, coffee on an empty stomach including no water, after being awake for over 2hrs makes for bad blood tests and cranky nurses - who knew?

The said two doors in between the pathologist and the coffee shop even more dangerously/conveniently belonged to a Lifeline store. Being a sucker for Nana-wear and Nana-ware alike I found myself wandering around the Old Cleveland Rd. Lifeline with a small skinny flat white and armfuls of crochet before you could say "My God where are your VEINS? Have you had any water today?! What do you mean JUST a COFFEE?!! YOUR BLOOD IS LIKE TAR!!"

Two vials of my blood, 3 punctures and two reddened and tingly overslapped arms later I felt I deserved the $15 worth of goodies I'd bought before my blood test. Maybe it was Karma getting me back for my mini indulgence, but I prefer to think of it as genius foresight.

Each of these items was five dorra! Actually I lie, the red crochet bag was $2.50 but I bought a 2nd one that has a slightly different pattern on it for a friend. And those little silver horseshoey things? Those are end of your collar clip things that cowboys wear!! FOR REALS!! The black bag is quite spesh too as not only is it real leather (sorry to all my vegan/vego friends but I really love leather) but I only just noticed a couple of days ago after wearing it non-stop for a week that it's also a real Coach... 

 Mokay so I don't know if it's real but if its not its a brilliant copy, and frankly I am a lady who can appreciate quality fakes! Yahurrr! Grrrl puh-leee.

Label love aside what I really really like about this bag is that it matches my wallet - a super cute gift from my cousin's gf... so simple and sleek. Black leather with gold detail is a lot harder to find than you think as well!

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