Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Blues are still blue...

My lovely finds at the Vintage Fair:

1. Blue, black and white striped dress circa 1950's

 (needs a bit of mending and a dry clean!)

It reminds me of the YSL Rive Gauche Bottle...

... and SS11 Prada

2. 3/4 length embroidered skirt circa 1950's

It's made of this heavy cotton and has beautiful Scandinavian/American folk art style embroidery. Both the dress and the skirt were $50 each - I haggled! - and came from the same vendor, Fossil Vintage.
Apparently they are wholesale vintage sales peeps from Melbourne and never quite know what to bring to Brisbane for the Vintage fair as its so humid here and most vintage is heavy/polyester/lined-wool and therefore pretty unwearable for us. Too true! 

3. 1960's Arabia 5 piece tea/coffee set:

These pieces are now collectors items as the Finnish tableware design house Arabia is no longer making ceramics/china with this design, which was their signature print from the 60's.

I paid $140 for the set, which is a lot for homewares when I don't have a home but I was thinking investment!
That price was quite low for their value, which as a once in a lifetime find (of newly out of production Scandinavian china) in Brisbane, means that one day my future children will be able to hock this set to pay for my gold and jewel encrusted pyramid tomb which I plan to have built in the middle of Paris. Investment!!

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