Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Haven't posted anything properly in like a week and a bit so I have A LOT to show you today!
Let's start with the most important - shopping! Yeaaaaaah!! *sorry if I spat on you a bit when I said shopping... I get drooly when I think about it*
These are my latest vintage purchases. And by 'vintage' I usually mean 'op shop' but on this recent shopping expedition I actually had some minor success at a vintage shop I hadn't been to but have heard buckets of good things about, which is the New Farm Antique Centre: http://www.fourthousand.com.au/shop/new-farm-antiques-centre/

Now I had originally intended to go to this centre PURELY to look for birthday presents for a fellow vintage fiend and presents I did find... for both the fiend and myself :P
BTW I am saying the word 'fiend' not mistyping 'friend'. Takes one to know one mokay! That goes for obsessive editors/spellers amongst us who would be writhing in agony if I hadn't made the fiend/friend distinction clear.

Ahem back to the topic - so after finding a cute 70's era original white glomesh Oroton purse
and large 60's pearl lucite stud earrings (lordknowswhy but did not take a photo sorry) for m'lady friend, I found a very sweet white wool knit tunic dress (made in Scotland!) and leather and fabric belt (made in Australia! Nothing is made in Australia anymore!) for yours truely:

These pix make them look a lil' frumpy but they're much better on!

The best thing about these finds is that they were at separate ends of the centre and it wasn't until I got home and showed my bro, Style Guru that I thought I might wear them together. Actually it was Style Guru's idea.
Sanks bruv!! XX

Post Script

A few other homeware/furniture pearls that I can't wait to get my hands on in the future also found at the New Farm Antiques Centre...
 1960's 4 piece party nibbles set

pre WW2 12 piece Japanese tea set

40's/50's style wooden deck chair

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