Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fixing Micha.

I'm about to type a horrible yet true thing, Micha Barton cannot dress herself. Mokay let me specify that a little better. Micha cannot dress herself well. Some times she flukes it...

But more often than not we see her like this:

The second pic is of an unfixable outfit. I'm afraid there is pretty much nothing I can do here to help her with this except slapping that thing of her head, putting her in some heels and training her to smile.
We all saw how hard the producers of the O.C. tried to do this and failed! I'm not touching that area of development with a 10 ft pole!!
But I feel like with my crappy photoshop skillz, large amounts of time waiting for QTAC first round offers, and keen eye for proportion and shape I can do something for Micha. I can airbrush her outfits better. 
And maybe some of her alcohol and amphetamine bloating. Maybe.
And so begins my new project - Fixing Micha...

Oh Micha. I see what you did there.

Red Lederhosen is something VERY hard to resist when you see it at your local Op shop. I myself have many many strange/wiggidy whack/regular type whack items of clothing from Op shops the world over. Most of which I've bought simply because I couldn't stand someone else having them. But I don't try to work them into my day to day wardrobe. Why? Usually because they're not the right cut for my body.

Mokay so I told you the photoshopping was bad, I promise I'll try to work on that, but look how much better she looks!! Because Micha is tall and has a little waist she can totes work the 3/4 skirt look. Doesn't this make her look 2ft taller and 5kg lighter?! All I did was draw her skirt out from the end of her shorts to where her calve starts to taper.
3/4 skirts ladies! Work it!

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  1. Oh I also airbrushed out the straps of the lederhosen... you know just to make it really clear that lederhosen is a bad idea. Now sans straps she looks less Bierhause and more cute baboushka doll! Yay!