Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cool kids.

These are some of the CDs I've bought lately.... some because I love the album (Tame Impala's Inner Speaker), some because I love the album and feel guilty that I've had it for years as an illegal download so on a spending rampage I bought it for reals (Brendan Benson's Alternative to Love), some were cheap and cheerful (Destiny's Child's 1's - bought for $10!!) and some I just bought because of the hype (Kanye West's MBDTF)... but there is one curious thing I've noticed about the packaging of the CDs - all the cool kids have gone back to cardboard record style sleeve covers!
Is this a retro or an eco thing?
Maybe t's just more economical??
Maybe it's more Ego-nomical?! As in 'our music is so the shiz that it doesn't matter what it comes in'...?
Because frankly I like plastic, easier to stack you see. Hrmph.

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