Sunday, June 19, 2011

My girls!

So in other news, I'm moving to Melbourne. Yes, I've become yet another Brisbane cliche! And yes, it's for fashion reasons!! And although I'm super stoked about this move I will miss my pretty city, especially my bestest sparkliest gems of friends...

Haha love you guys xx


How great is this poster/ad!
I'm so dirty about missing out on this today (I was at work) I love school fetes - I have a thing for tombola and those really hard home made toffees mokay?! - ANYWAYS I thought the pic was still worth posting for design appreciation. Primary school peeps: this is how you do!

Oh yeahhh...


From a few seasons too so enjoy a mini time warp trip (not that Easton Pearson ever dates).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Another sneaky sale!

Some more James St. gossip for you! Bettina Liano has closed... and has been close for about 2 months now (I hear on the grapevine rent has skyrocketed on James St.) but tmw a gorgeous surprise awaits us all!

I'm not sure what 'VAULT' means though....?
Is it a sale? An archival viewing?! A sale on the archival majesty?!!

Easton Pearson News tells me nothing! And my insiders refuse to comment!
Keep you all posted xx

James St. Markets art...


As part of the James St. Up Late night (which was at the end of May) the eponymous James St. Markets lent their windows to Griffith art students with very cool results!

I especially like the banana ball gown - it reminds me of that fab album by the Velvet Underground with the Andy Warhol banana on it! SUCH a great record and Nico (the girl) is so styleee... ahem anyways!

So yeah the artists are all Griffith students (see image below!) - and like all the Griffith design/art students  and graduates I know are extremely talented people! Good work James St. for showcasing some local talent :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sorry about the quality/angles of the pics btw, I would've like to take some more wideangle shots but unfortunately I was contending with the nearly always full James St. Markets carpark! Which grinds my gears just a little more than a regular carpark as it's almost exclusively filled with wank-mobiles.

You know, BMW 4 wheel drive, BMW 4 wheel drive, Porche, BMW 4 wheel drive.... Gah.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

James St. Up Late!

The James Street shopping precinct doesn't do late night shopping - bar one night per season when everyone gets their glitter, glad rags... and this time gouls out for good times!

This lush Japanese horror style beauty is by a clever lady called Simone Eisler.
My store is showing her artwork for the Uplate night on James St. tonight but I think it will be there for the rest of the weekend if you want a squizz in person. Totally hypnotically worth it.

There is one pic in particular that I can't stop staring at when I'm at work, because its simply gorgeous photography but I'm also a little scared of because the piece is basically a portrait of a woman wearing a freaky one eyed hockey mask made out of eel skin/fish scales. It's not a 'haunted' kind of scared either, more like a primal 'if this picture was in my house I would have nightmares every night about waking up to a fish-scale-face-woman-from-the-grudge thing looming over my bed watching me sleep. With the ghost of my dead cat. Possibly making those weird clicking noises that the Predator, and sometimes crows make.'
It's a real fear peeps.
More Uplate posts to come!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011