Monday, June 13, 2011

James St. Markets art...


As part of the James St. Up Late night (which was at the end of May) the eponymous James St. Markets lent their windows to Griffith art students with very cool results!

I especially like the banana ball gown - it reminds me of that fab album by the Velvet Underground with the Andy Warhol banana on it! SUCH a great record and Nico (the girl) is so styleee... ahem anyways!

So yeah the artists are all Griffith students (see image below!) - and like all the Griffith design/art students  and graduates I know are extremely talented people! Good work James St. for showcasing some local talent :))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sorry about the quality/angles of the pics btw, I would've like to take some more wideangle shots but unfortunately I was contending with the nearly always full James St. Markets carpark! Which grinds my gears just a little more than a regular carpark as it's almost exclusively filled with wank-mobiles.

You know, BMW 4 wheel drive, BMW 4 wheel drive, Porche, BMW 4 wheel drive.... Gah.

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