Thursday, June 2, 2011

James St. Up Late!

The James Street shopping precinct doesn't do late night shopping - bar one night per season when everyone gets their glitter, glad rags... and this time gouls out for good times!

This lush Japanese horror style beauty is by a clever lady called Simone Eisler.
My store is showing her artwork for the Uplate night on James St. tonight but I think it will be there for the rest of the weekend if you want a squizz in person. Totally hypnotically worth it.

There is one pic in particular that I can't stop staring at when I'm at work, because its simply gorgeous photography but I'm also a little scared of because the piece is basically a portrait of a woman wearing a freaky one eyed hockey mask made out of eel skin/fish scales. It's not a 'haunted' kind of scared either, more like a primal 'if this picture was in my house I would have nightmares every night about waking up to a fish-scale-face-woman-from-the-grudge thing looming over my bed watching me sleep. With the ghost of my dead cat. Possibly making those weird clicking noises that the Predator, and sometimes crows make.'
It's a real fear peeps.
More Uplate posts to come!

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