Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Melbourne shopping list

I'm going away to Melbourne for a weekend at the end of May, and whenever I go to Mr. Melbs I make a little mental list of things to look out for at the epic op shop Savers. This time I only have one thing on that list, which is a trenchcoat! And this website is purely to blame: Burberry - the art of the trench. Be warned, it's hypnotic and addictive! It's the of trench. Eep.


  1. omg I went to a Burbery outlet halfway between Vegas and LA. OUTLET. it was very hard walking away empty handed..

  2. See NOW the GFC makes sense to me. OF COURSE people would own 5 credit cards all maxed out if there are Burberry outlets in the US. Although the bank still issuing total mortgages is a little dodgey.... maybe they were being bribed with designer trenchcoats?!