Monday, May 9, 2011

New winter obsession

I have a strange new shopping haunt now that it's a little chillier, and that place is - Crisp on Creek.
*Note to readers it took me 5 attempts to spell Crisp not Crips.
Crips on Creek would be slightly more exciting to blog about, and I'm sure they do exist but unfortunately for you, pastry always wins over gangster for me. Can you imagine the rock paper scissor symbol for that?
I imagine pastry for some reason to look like 'Stone head' guy from Alex the Kidd in Miracle World:

For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about, it's the guy on the right. 
His head just looks like a cannoli to me. Yes, a delicious eyeball filled cannoli. Mmmm mmmm!
Anyways back to Crisp. On Creek. 
It's a tops deli on the corner of Cav and Creek Rds which stocks among other things (fresh fruit and veg, free range eggs and milk/milk products, Sugo Mi pizza bases, Maggie Beer everything, Fair trade coffee/tea and choc etc. etc.) what I like to think is the best bake it yourself bagel in Brisbane - Glicks Bagels.

Now I've stupidly decided to write about these bagels after I ate the last one this morning without taking a photo of their golden deliciousness, but I'll be off to Crisp this arvo so maybe I'll post one laters. Basically they're boiled bagels that can be frozen or just kept in the fridge which you then bake yourself at home! It only takes about 5-8 mins for crispy perfection on the outside and dreamy cloudlike carby goodness on the inside.
Yes, yes, I have an unhealthy interest in Bagels. 
Honestly though, I originally only bought this brand because the name Glick made me think of that crazy lady in the Simpsons called Mrs. Glick who thinks Lisa is a pineapple.

But then I tried a few other brands of frozen bake at home bagels, because alas, we don't make them fresh in Bristown for some reason and discovered I was onto a winner. Another frozen victory for winter from Crisp is Linda McCartney's vegetarian pies. Dear God I ddn't think I'd ever be able to find a better frozen pie than Sargent's let alone a vego one but these pies are amazing! The pastry is so flaky and melty at the same time and the tofu filling tastes like meat - not nut meat, real meat! And the maroon/purple packaging just matches so nicely to our hot purple benchtop! I don't know about you but thats a definite prerequisite for cuisine in my house - MUST MATCH 80'S DESIGNED KITCHEN.

Which is why I'm off to Crisp this afternoon actually. The pumpkin my Grandad Keith grew and gave to us has made the 'matching the bench' grade and so I'm on a mission for pumpkin meals inspiration.... maybe this?
That'll do pumpkin, that'll do.

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  1. wow crisp on creek sounds awesome - i haven't been for years - will have to check it out again..