Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kurse you Kikki K!

So I've recently been accepted back to uni - I'm excited and terrified at the prospect of being a 'mature student'.
Blegh those words make me feel like hurling.
Anywho, yesterday a little surprise in my inbox made me feel a little better at the idea of being mature and back at spewniversity:

Beautiful leather handbag/briefcase/laptop bag combo!
Only someone wth grown up tastes could pull off this bag at uni no?
'Why do you like it then Julia?' you're asking?
'Beause it's lush tan leather and Scandinavian design' I will say - 
'my almost 2 favorite things... and hey shut up! I have grown up kudos!'

all of these chic and studious lovlies are available at 
Kikki K (cute swedish stationary shop) as part of their new Stockholm Collection, make sure you view the look book too for ace styling ideas - especially when riding your fixy to class! ;)
The only problem with getting my weekly Kikki K email yesterday is that by the time I read it, it was already Saturday night and my funds are a little on the low side now! Kurses!!

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