Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fortitude and Finds!

Sooooooooooooooo it's been a while since I've posted. I've been a tad glum, just that time of year coupled with some annoying lifestyle factors (had a break up, work gripes and waiting for mid semester entry offers) I guess...

...some cute things have pepped me up though - aside from my brilliant friends and mini Cadbury creme eggs of course! My mum (who I'm living with at the moment) is moving house, and being a busy workaholic/hoarder she hasn't had a lot of time to get the house in order for the market, so I decided to help her pack up (and chuck out while she's at work!) a stack of junk that has been stealthily piling up over the years all over the house. Note that this IS NOT a cute thing that has pepped me up, even though throwing old junk away and organising piles of mess is very therapeutic!
What I found while cleaning junk up was fab though:

Marianne Faithfull's autobiography Faithfull

I LOVE THIS BOOK. I love her, and her story of  beautiful young 60's pop star thrown into the deep-end of fame/money/sex/drugs which resulted in a 20+ year addiction and becoming a homeless person, only then to beat said addiction and return to the music world a Doyenne. The best part is it's all true! She's also incredibly self deprecating, funny and quirkily observant which makes little anecdotes about hanging out with Bob Dylan on his first tour of England or driving Keith Richards' Mercedes Benz across Spain and taking the ferry to Morocco where they could get cheap drugs, charming and warm rather than wanky and name-dropsy. I've read this book at least 5 times, and always seem to start reading it again when I need a bit of fortitude/perspective. This time I re-found it in a big taped up box of my things I put 'into storage' in Mum's laundry before I went to Europe. The book actually belongs to my Dad who lent it to me close to 10 years ago, when I was going through a very rough patch in my life... I think I should just buy him a new copy rather than give him back this well thumbed and doge eared tome ^_^*

Noritake 18 piece coffee set circa mid-late 1970's

This set was given to my parents as a wedding present and from the looks of it has never been used! I found this while cleaning out the pantry in Mum's kitchen which for those who don't know - and the ones who do can attest to - is the place where plastic bags, old cereal boxes and fritzed out light bulbs go to die. I demanded the set as a reward for cleaning out and re-organising the pantry, laundry and medicine cupboard. Happily, Mum saw the maniacal look in my eye and consented!! Eeeeeee!!

New shoes!

Mokay so I didn't find these amongst junk, I found them at work and cannot stop wearing them! Even though they are precious Italian hand made leather creations and should not be worn non-stop (thankfully I got 2 pairs so I can rotate and not get in trouble at work!) I just can't help myself...

The brand that makes these beauties is called INK - this is their cute logo and this is where you can get their stuff in Brissy. I warn you though, the soft soft leather and cuban heels make you never want to take them off so be careful when trying on!

And finally - Vogue living photo shoots:

It's always a happy day when my subscriptions arrive, mostly because I've usually forgotten about them so it's a surprise and feels like I'm getting a mag for free! It was an extra happy day when flipping through my latest VL I came across some familiar pics/themes...

The pic on the left is one of my vintage finds, the pic on the right is from a VL story about Hermes new collection

The above pic is of a photo shoot from VL about Wedgwood, including the pic below on the left which looks like it comes from the same collection as the little bowls I got for my Mum earlier this year....

Always nice to have your 'in vogue' status confirmed! Haha.
And so now I feel just pepped enough not to feel like I need to eat all my Easter eggs in one sitting!

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  1. ooh i love those first pair of shoes! I'll have to pop in and pay you another visit soon!