Saturday, April 2, 2011

Love you Jamie!

So probably my fave coffee place is Brisneyland is Jamie's Espresso - sorry to all my Moka Hut* peeps haha - on the corner of James and Robertson Sts in New Farm. The place is cute, colourful, clean and cruisy.
People who work there remember you - if not your name then at least (and more importantly) your regular order. Sometimes there is a wait, but because the people there are so unfussy and friendly it never feels like much of one. And now Jamie's has a licence! Yes! Boutique beer, delish vino and home made spanakopita for all!! Yaaaaaaayyy!!

WARNING: Beer drinking at Jamie's almost always requires a slice of his homemade Spanakopita or anchovies on french stick both available on the snack menu. Eeep.
And yes I only know because I have spent a looooong friday night trialing Jamie's's late night set up and I recommend the Nirvana pale ale and the very fruity Pacific ale.

Jamie's write up in Fourthousand

*Moka Hut was a dodgy cafe I used to work at, run by an equally dodgy couple. Probably the worst job I've ever had, but like most bad jobs - made great friends due to the crappy situation!

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