Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lazy Easter

So I've had a week off over Easter, probably the only one I'm ever going to get as a late Easter like this year's won't happen for another 30 years according to Catholic Mum! It's also the first Easter I haven't worked in 5 years and the first week off I've had since July last year. I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but when you work 40 hours a week on your feet, and you don't often get 2 consecutive days off, or any weekend days off, and you study 15-20 hours a week on top of that, it feels like a REALLY LOOOOONG TIME.
And what did I do with this glorious week off? Nothing! As little as humanly possible! I lay around my Aunty's house at Mooloolah, ate chocolate, watched Star Wars and The Storyteller, and taught my cousin how to vintage shop*! Best staycation ever ^_^

AND we got results too-boot from the local vintage shop called Vicious Vintage (fab name hey!)...

Liberty Print 70's high-waisted maxi culottes and matching vest!
(dear God where am I going to wear this?!)

Green velvet late 70's cocktail frock

Both were only $25 each!! Vicious Vintage I lurve yew!

*Rules for vintage shopping:

1. Look at EVERYTHING. There is a hot pink dress or shirt or something (all you can see is the sleeve so you're not sure!) wedged behind 20 other tops and dresses on a rack... pull that sucker out and have a look! Rummage through all piles of clothes, carefully folded or just in a bin - a good rummage can bring many choice picks to the surface. Think of it as like tossing a salad till you get that elusive cube of feta you think you saw under a heap of rocket.

2. Check the garment's condition - look for moth holes, split seams, busted zippers. You may not like to haggle but damage on an item of clothing is bargaining GOLD! Just think of it this way, the vintage seller did not pay a lot for the item they're selling, in fact it may have been a donated item. Plus the damage may not be able to be home repaired, you might have to fork out to get a new zipper or a dry clean. Price haggling helps with your repair budget.

3. Always tell the Vintage seller that they have a great collection and that you like their stuff! It's just nice manners plus sometimes they'll take more off the price because you're sweet/let you know about the wholesaler they get most of their stuff from/when the next vintage fair is/general vintage seller gossip etc.

4. If it looks too small it probably is, vintage stuff is usually quite old and hand sewn, don't try to force yourself into a pair of maybe too small grandpa pants just to see, you WILL rip the pants in the seat (bum area) and then be embarrassed and have to buy, AND get on the retailer's nerves! When in doubt buy bigger and get it taken in.

5. HAVE FUN. Fashion is meant to be fun! Hence why taking the piss out of clothing from another era is so easy! If you find a meringue wedding gown ala Lady Di that looks like it'll fit put it on and have a twirl around the store! Give pink leopard print jeans a whirl! When are you gong to get to play dress-ups with such amazingly hideous/astounding clothes again in your life?! Probably next week when you hit the shops again but will the same crazy pants be there the next time... maybe not! So enjoy!

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